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Oct 07, 2020

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Transform Software Training with MyGuide by EdCast

Every organization, in its pursuit to improve its sales and performance, is implementing new software or upgrading to the newer versions. A typical sales rep has to use on an average 12+ software in his/her routine sales responsibilities. 

When a new employee joins an organization, many a times, they are inundated with new software, versions or a new category altogether. This may lead to digital deluge, employee confusion and we may see a drop in employee productivity. 

Organizations need to find new ways of software onboarding employees which simplifies change management for them and makes it easy to use new software. 

Such new ways have to be digital, scalable and should provide learning-in-the-flow of work. Digital Adoption Platforms are uniquely positioned to solve this learning problem faced by training & change managers and enhance organisational training efficiencies

MyGuide by EdCast, a leading Digital Adoption Platform, with its In-App learning capabilities empower users to learn in the real time. 

MyGuide provides different learning options to users like step by step guidance (GuideMe feature) and various downloadable learning documents (like videos,PPTs) which makes it easy for users to learn according to their convenience and increase proficiency.

MyGuide Digital Adoption Platform can enable an organization with digital transforms of its learning and training function which can have a robust impact on the RoI of their digital spend, Sales and Performance initiatives.

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