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Oct 07, 2020

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Employees become productive if you can solve “How”​ problem

Today I joined a new organization and on the very first day, I received a welcome kit on my desk. It’s a really very good experience to join a new company, same as you got promoted in a new class where you will learn new things. Soon I have seen many invitations based on my profile for #CRM #ITSM #HCM #Cloud #SaaS tools in my inbox. 

Now my worry started, I don’t know how to use them or may be the workflows are different from my previous experiences.  

I want to become a productive member of my company, but How?

I want to update my profile in HR portal, but How?

I want to update Sales record in the CRM system, but How?

I want to share files using internal tools, but How?

I want to raise a request to the IT team, but How?

Who is going to solve my “How” problems in my organization. In this #WFH situation, it’s becoming more critical. 

Enterprises need to think out of the box to solve employees “How” problems.

Digital Adoption Platform #DAP is helping organization to provide In-App experience to the end-users. 

MyGuide by EdCast offers a DAP solution for your Web, Mobile and desktop based application with automation capabilities.

What is the benefit to use MyGuide (Leader by the Everest Group in their Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) products PEAK Matrix Assessment 2020)?

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1. Ensure adoption of key software

2. Automate repetitive tasks

3. Communicate latest features 

4. Verify and collect data in a structured format

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Saket Dixit

Saket is an engineering leader with a passion for technology. Saket believes that making your customers successful is the core of your business.

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