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Oct 07, 2020

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Employee Experience (EX) is equally important as Customer Experience (CX)

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your Business. It’s as simple as that. Healthy, engaged employees are your top competitive advantage.” – Richard Branson

Why Employee Experience (EX) matters?

I have seen many organizations focus a lot on Customer Experience (CX) at the same time have equally seem them neglect Employee Experience (EX). The conventional thinking on this has been that ‘Customer is King’ and ‘Customer is always right’ like metaphors have been used for a number of decades. ‘Employees are your first Customers’ has never been a message that has seen come out of many Boardrooms.

If you analyze any organization, there is a clear supply/demand, producer/subscriber and maker/consumer relationship between peers, departments and business units. This is seldom recognized as an entity/customer relationship.

If you extrapolate these relationships, Employees are your first, and most important, Customers.

So why not elevate them to the same status as a Customer. More importantly, why not treat them and thus enable the same rich, engaging, simplified User Experience (UX) that you would afford your Customers.

Poor EX = Poor CX = Poor UX overall

All of us have been on a call to a help desk, where the person on the other end of the line is struggling to find you an answer. It’s usually not their inability to understand or empathize with your situation or issue, it’s the lack of simple processes, efficient systems and unified knowledge that hinders their ability to help you. I firmly believe that helping others is a natural trait to all of us so there are always some barriers, constraints or limitations stopping us from helping others.

If you zoom out and understand what’s happening here – it’s the lack of focus on EX that is the core issue. This has culminated over years of tactical solutions (band-aid fixes) but never a holistic approach, to simplify and bring the information to the user. The user is made to struggle to find what’s required, in the moment, without a way for them to pull the information to them.

The ultimate consequence of poor EX is CX. At the end of the day, poor UX is a theme that quickly reflects on your Customers. An organization that ignores the importance of EX, is essentially signing off on poor CX. Any organization that gives equal importance to its Employees, automatically delivers a superior experience to its Customers.

There is no way to deliver a superior CX with poor EX!

So what can be done?

We need to give a much higher weightage to EX. Invest in your Employees’ digital well-being. Many organization’s fail to understand the significance of this investment. Just like ours, find the time, invest and look after your organizations’ digital health.

Digital Adoption Platform capabilities like MyGuide are best placed to increase Employee Experience for any organization. It can refresh your current digital landscape and launch a new digital platform with thought-through, well-defined and structured digital assistance.

Even the best capabilities in any field require some level of assistance and digital platforms are not any different. A DAP platform continues to provide rich Insights to many organizations to measure employee engagement and help with continuous improvement. With a DAP platform, improve your EX and see a correlated improvement in your CX and ultimately entire UX!

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Ruturaj Waghmode

Ruturaj leads the Enterprise Solutions team at MyGuide by EdCast, and helps Enterprises succeed in their Digital Adoption journeys.

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